When it comes to effective data security, the most successful solutions are transparent

SecureCircle instantly creates an invisible virtual-perimeter that includes any device and any cloud service for files. Organizations simply identify their important files and a set of user devices. Important data is then free to take different forms, move through any cloud service, and come to rest on any device. No matter the form or location of files containing the important data, they are only accessible by devices in the SecureCircle.


What is SecureCircle

  • Centralized management of all unstructured data regardless of storage location
  • Automatically classifies data at cloud scale
  • Delivers visibility of sensitive across locations
  • Eliminates complex endpoint DLP
  • Enable users to use existing applications & devices
  • Keep files always encrypted

Benefits of SecureCircle

Always in an encrypted state

  • At-Rest
  • In-Transit
  • In-Use

Only trusted devices can use secured files

Files can be stored on any device or any cloud


Experience of SecureCircle

Use existing applications and devices

No changes to user experience or workflow

Secure workgroup collaboration